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Informational Links

Home School Legal Defense Association: This website contains the legalities involved in home schooling in your state, consumer information, and a host of other topics especially for home schoolers.

Home Schooling on a Shoe String: This website makes available to the readers, ways of cutting costs while home-schooling.

Jon's Home School Resource Page: This website is a resource website for home-schoolers. It does offer quite a bit of information with reference to home schooling.

Home School Support Groups: This is a searchable index of home school support groups for your local area. They are listed geographically by county and state. You may type your location into the database search engine, or select your state from the map shown.

Free Online Home School Programs:

 IQ Academy Texas and Texas Connections Academy K-12 and Texas Education Agency

Make a hobby a part of you home school program. One example is jewelry making. It can be a part of your art curriculum, as well as mathematics curriculum. You can also use this hobby as a small business, which can be a part of your curriculum.

Online Resources

The Employment Toolkit for Job Seekers with Autism

For individuals on the autism spectrum, finding and keeping a job can seem challenging, especially given that 85 percent of adults with autism don't have a job or are underemployed. Fortunately, with the right tools, tips, and support, you can find the right job for you and turn it into a success. As you navigate the job search, use the following employment toolkit as your guide.

Getting Started

Free Career Aptitude and Career Assessment Tests

31 Great Jobs for Autistic People in a Huge Range of Industries

Protections Against Employment Discrimination

CV and Resume Writing Tips for Job Candidates on the Autism Spectrum

Applying for Jobs

Get Assistance With Your Job Search

27 Companies Who Hire Adults With Autism

Where to Search and Apply for Jobs Online

Interviewing for a Job

Autism Interview Tips for Job Seekers

Handling Disability Disclosure When Applying For Work

Tips to Help You Sell Your Soft Skills During an Interview

Making Your New Job a Success

Apps for Adults with Autism

Tips and Tricks for Successful Telecommuting

Designing a Home Office to Fit Your Lifestyle

9 Simple Ways to Deal With Stress at Work